My name is Melissa! 

I reside on a small farm in Marysville, Ohio with my husband and dog Otis. We raise organic and conventional  row crops such as wheat, corn, and beans. 


We also have a small cattle operation! We raise our calves from 2 days old and we continue to care for them until they are ready for harvest, which is around 11 months. 

Along  with crops and cattle we also raise crossbred hogs as well as meat and laying chickens. 

I have always had a passion for agricultural and raising the best quality meats possible for my family as well as others. Along with farming I found a great love for fitness. I began my fitness journey about 7 years ago when I started running. Running then turned into weight lifting. 

One year ago I competed in my first fitness competition and I am currently training for another. My goal is to raise a lean meat that tastes great, and that holds  great nutritional value, and I believe we have done it.  

I have created the brand FARMFIT to promote food, farming,and fitness. As a producer we care about the health of those consuming our products and want nothing but the best for you!  

Please feel free to look around, check out the meats we offer, the workouts, healthy recipes, and clothing. 

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